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“As a Eucharistic community, rich in diversity, united in our Catholic faith,
we strive to live and proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ.”

“Como una comunidad eucarística, ricos en diversidad, unidos en nuestra fe católica, nos esforzamos por  vivir y proclamar el Evangelio de Jesucristo.”

We Want To Hear From You!

Dubuque’s Children of Abraham program and Loras College’s Better Together organization have partnered to conduct a research project to investigate religious perspectives in Dubuque. Coordinator of the project is Dr. John Eby, Associate Professor of History, and a parishioner at St. Raphael’s. Presently, there is very little information about religious identity in Dubuque and its relationship to perspectives about cultural and religious diversity. Our linked parishes have been invited to participate in this project. Participation is voluntary and responses are strictly confidential. In addition to the survey questions, there will be a few questions that relate directly to our parish communitOc6lXEiUies. If you wish to participate in this survey, you can complete it online through the link at the bottom of this announcement. As an alternative, paper copies of the survey will be available in the back of the churches. Responses should be returned by April 20. Loras College students will compile the results from the paper surveys. Thank you for considering participation this project. The questions about our parishes will be particularly helpful as we plan for the future.CoALogo

To complete the survey, select one of the following links.  The survey is preceded by a consent form.  Youths 13-17 years old are encouraged to take the survey as well – a parental consent form is provided additionally.

English Language: https://www.research.net/s/DBQ-RP1

La Encuesta en Español: https://es.research.net/s/DBQ-RP2


Did you miss the Parish Mission “Come Back” ?

You can now view the talks by Father Tom, Father Alan, and Archbishop Jackels online here! 

Included are the scripture readings and the reflection questions that were read on each night of the Mission.

Upcoming Youth Events

Click here to find forms and information on upcoming youth events.

Click on the poster below, for more information and to register for Totus Tuus!
Totus Tuus

Courage/EnCourage:  Ministry to Catholics with Same-Sex Attraction

“Courage” was founded in 1980 to help Catholics with same-sex attraction to live chaste lives in accordance with the teaching of the Catholic Church.  “EnCourage” is the affiliate support group for family members (e.g. parents and  siblings), spouses, and friends of men and women with same-sex attraction.  Based on Catholic teaching, EnCourage members support one another and their loved ones through   praycourage encourage picer, fellowship, discussion and sacrifice.  The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops has cited Courage and EnCourage as examples of ministries whose principles are in accord with Catholic teaching, and Archbishop Jackels supports and approves the presence and work of these ministries in the Archdiocese of Dubuque. Check the Courage website (couragerc.org) for more information.  An EnCourage group is being formed in our archdiocese.  For further information (meeting time and place, etc.), please contact Fr. Jerry Kopacek at (563) 556-1054 or by email at DBQSPXSD@dbqarch.org.

Seven Sisters Apostolate
A new apostolate has begun and we are looking for women to commit to pray one hour a week in front of the Blessed Sacrament, either exposed or in the Tabernacle, for Father Toale’s and/or Father Alan’s intentions, ministry and sanctification.
For more information or to make a prayer commitment contact:

Donna Husemann

Ann Helling



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